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Launched by third generation farmers Sophie and Sam Hurley, Honest Wolf is a brand offering luggage and accessories crafted with wool sustainably-sourced from their picturesque farm in rural North Island, New Zealand.

A brand born out of a desire to repurpose the tonnes of wool shorn from the farm’s 25,000 sheep+ each year, Honest Wolf has successfully turned the durable, eco-friendly fibre into practical and coveted products for everyday use; think bags, hats, wallets, laptop sleeves and more. They required a highly functional yet contemporary website that would effectively showcase the product range, drive e-commerce sales, and clearly communicate the brand’s ethos.

The Result

The new website brings both the ethos of Honest Wolf and e-commerce best practices to life on an easy-to-use digital platform. The brand’s identity and values have been clearly communicated through strong visuals and concise language. With e-commerce sales at the heart of this project, we also created a custom build for Honest Wolf on Shopify 2.0. This new online ‘home’ for the brand caters to both staff on the back-end with easy management of products and stock, and customers on the front-end with a design that intuitively guides users through the buyer journey.

Kind Words

Ella and her team have created the most beautiful website for our business as well as all our design features that come with it. Ella has such a talent for design and makes everything jumbled in my head put to the most beautiful of designs and we love working with her. Everything is done with absolute perfection and we are stoked to be growing our brand with her and the team at Made Studio!

Sophie Hurley, Director, Honest Wolf
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